A Welcome and a Mission Statement

Welcome to Cooperative Ink, a coalition of artists, writers, and musicians from around the world, featuring a diverse body of work, from games to books, music, and more. Click on the images below for more information about the product. Information about Cooperative Ink appears below. If you’re an experienced artist, writer, or musician and are interested in joining the cooperative, please contact us at info (at) cooperativeink.com. Thank you much for your interest.

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Traditional publishers always have been somewhat conservative in the projects they take on, limiting risks because getting a book to market meant significant investment. As large publishers have shrunk in number by gobbling each other up, they’ve become even more hesitant to take chances on new authors and new ideas, resulting in today’s homogenized market of copycat copycatting. Occasionally, something new breaks through. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and James Loewen’s Lies My Teacher Told Me come to mind, both starting out at small, independent publishers before being bought by major conventional publishers who set about exploiting every copycat possibility that could be connected to their work.

Traditional publishers have systematically narrowed offerings into predefined marketing niches of limited diversity, squeezing out authors whose work goes beyond the boundaries. Those writers whose work is accepted by traditional publishers find themselves saddled with increasing responsibilities that were once the publisher’s sole domain — promotion, design, production, and more. In short, publishers took care of business to allow the writer to get back to what he/she did best — write. That was then. Today, writers find themselves increasingly burdened by the bulk of promotional and production work while receiving a shrinking percentage of a book’s net earnings.

Enter technology and the path to accessible independent publishing, enabling writers and artists to get their work to audiences without the assistance of conventional publishers. Technology upended the music industry in the 1990s, and now it’s doing the same to the publishing industry. Still, some aspects of conventional publishing are a must for independent pursuits as well — specifically, editing, production and marketing. That’s where cooperatives come in.

Cooperative Ink is a collective of professional writers, musicians and artists from around the world, creative individuals with decades of experience in traditional publishing who have decided to seek broader audiences for their work through independent publishing. Cooperative Ink’s strength is built upon creative people assisting creative people, from basic editing to book layout and publishing, from drafting news releases and development of conventional media contacts to managing social networking and personal appearances — all with the goal of providing a diverse variety of books, music and entertainment to an audience bored with the umpteenth version of the latest conventional publishing copycat darling.

Please visit the Cooperative Ink website often as cooperative members release new work they enjoy creating, work we hope you will enjoy experiencing.

For more information about Cooperative Ink and its members, please contact us. Write to info (at) cooperativeink.com.